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Nydo Diagnosed with MMORPGADD

Gjergthod, Sep 8, 08 9:33 AM.
In recent news, Nydoven was diagnosed with Massivly Multiple Online Role Playing Game Attention Deficit Disorder (MMORPGADD).  For those of us that know him, this comes as no real shock.

The recent report was based on a two year study that was caped with his recent game time in LotRO and the Warhammer Online:Age of Reckoning beta.  This may not be out of the ordinary, until the secondary information is taken into acocunt.  He recently patched his City of Heroes/Villians client, commonly thinks about reloading WoW and has been known to wake up screaming about Dark Age of Camelot class balance issues.  His wife and children have been worried.

Now that the problem has been properly diagnosed by a profesisonal bartender, the proper medication can be prescribed.  When asked if he had a preference of medications, Nydoven responded "Scotch please".

Justice Sightings

Gjergthod, Sep 14, 07 6:28 AM.
Various members of Raging Justice have once again been spotted on the streets of Paragon City.  Reports have come in from citizens in Steel Canyon, Founder's Falls and other sections of the city.  Reports have Krieg Blitzer bounding through the sky to drop his powerful stone fists on unsuspecting member of the Tsoo.  Numerous calls have also come in from those feeling the icy chill of Iceflow as he flew by to aid in the defeat of a Circle of Thorns plot. 

Handsome Pete was also sighted, witnesses reporting that he seemed to have returned from a long arduous journey.  "He seemd drained and weaker than I remember" said John Jones.  "He took a plug off his cigar after a quick fight and mumbled something about it taking longer than he expected".  HP was seen heading over to the enhancement stores mumbling under his breath.  Later reports place him in the area of a well known tailor as well.  Perhaps the dashing powerhouse will soon be sporting some new threads.

No one is quite sure exactly what happened to these powerful, organized and enigmatic heroes.  All that is known for sure is that a little over a year ago, they vanished from the streets.  Rumors that they had turned to crime abounded.  There were also claims that they had moved on to other locations for a greater and more difficult challenge.

Regardless of the reasons they left, everyone in paragon City is glad and sleeps better at night knowing that Raging Justice has returned to the streets of Paragon City.

Starcraft II !!!

Gjergthod, Jun 18, 07 12:03 PM.
Just in case any of you didn't get this from a different source.

o go go! On May 19th, at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational event in Seoul, Korea, we announced in front of a stadium of thousands that StarCraft II is under development, and revealed a first-ever look at the new real-time strategy title. The original StarCraft is known for its epic galactic battles between three distinct, formidable races - the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg - as well as its gripping single-player storyline told with the aid of Blizzard's signature cinematic sequences. StarCraft II follows in that tradition, as demonstrated at the Worldwide invitational with a live gameplay presentation and an exciting new cinematic teaser for the upcoming game.

We're eager to share the new face of StarCraft with you (it's now running in a custom 3D engine that includes realistic physics and allows for massive armies and massive units on-screen simultaneously). Check out the
StarCraft II Official Website to view the gameplay trailer revealed at the Worldwide Invitational, the StarCraft II cinematic teaser, and much more!

Visit the
Official StarCraft II Website now!
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